A. Murphy Fence Co.
Chesapeake, Virginia
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Home  Repairs
* Replace damaged pickets
* Repair gates
Repair and replace damged fence & gate
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* Add a new section of deck
* Add or replace a set of steps
Replace Deck & Steps
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Deck Repair
Replace Deck & Steps
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* Electrical upgrades and repairs
* Plumbing upgrades and new installation
* Carpentry: repairs, trim and framing
* Wood rot repairs
* Roof repairs and replacement
* Bath repairs & upgrades
* Hardwood floor repairs and installations
* Painting: inside and outside
* Drywall repairs
* Replacement windows and doors
* Siding repairs and replacement
* Kitchen repairs & upgrades including
cabinets, granite countertops
Kitchen Before & After
replace floor, countertops, cabinets
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repair drywall and paint
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House Siding Before & After
replace siding on entire house
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Install Floors
install new (click
on image to
* Immediate, temporary roofing
repairs to prevent further damage
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* Replace damaged areas of fence
* Powerwash, seal & weatherproof fence
Fence Repairs
No job too small or too large!
We use only licensed professionals on all our jobs
Deck Repairs
Full Service Home Repairs
Storm/Disaster Response
* Power wash, seal & weatherproof
* Replace damaged sections
Refinish Floors
refinish old hardwood floors
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